Cool People

Needless to say, I can't fit all of the cool people in the world on this page. In fact, I can't even fit all of the cool people that I know on this page. But I'm not going to try. This is merely the people that are REALLY important to me. There are even some of those left out, but I'm going to be adding to this page. OK, enough of that. Here are the pictures:(click on them to get a much bigger and better version)

I'm dating the two cutest girls in the entire world.
KellyThis is my girl, Kelly. She rules. This pic is WAY old, as it was taken in a Hampshire mod room (those of you who are Hampshire people already noticed, I'm sure). I haven't been a student for fully five years. However, she has her hair in cool braids and it's a good pic of her, so I'm keeping it up. There is a much more recent pic of us at the bottom of the page.
Jamie and KiwiThis is Jamie and Kiwi sitting in our messy livingroom in Belchertown, circa summer 2001.
JLynn This is my daughter JLynn. This pic is crazy old, but still serves as a good link. Behind this link, there are lots of cool new pictures of her, and one of her mother, too.
My daughter the waitress My daughter, the waitress, circa summer 2004
Peter & Dan looking chill This is Dan and Pete, looking wicked cool.
Jonah There will be a much more swank picture of Jonah up here as soon as I can scan Laura's Div III pics.
Here is an awesome pic of my friends Emily and Dan. I went across country with them, as in on this page. Emily now lives with us, and is Jonah's girlfriend.
Me And here are Kelly and me, circa June 2002.
Josh iz in da hizouse This pic of Josh was so great that I just had to put it up.
Jonah and Emily Jonah and Emily being silly - May 2002.
Belligerent Andy Andy, in typical belligerent form.
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