If you have no idea what kind of music I do, I play piano and guitar and sing, and occasionally pretend I can play drums. I like blues, funk, some classic rock, some funky jazz. My tastes are varied. I like everthing from the Beastie Boys to Cream to U2 to Groovechild. There's a lot of stuff in between that I despise. I may have a varied taste, but I'm picky. : )

This page is dedicated to the solo recording that I do from time to time. Everything on this page is all me, except where noted.

Josiah's MP3's
"Ain't Comin' Back", my cheezy '70 rock ex-girlfriend song, recorded in my basement with the internal mic of a laptop download
"Be Yourself", a song that I wrote in 9th grade for the members of my high school. Oddly enough, it was received well. Written in the time that it takes to play it. This song was also recorded in my basement, but with good mics generously lent by Jesse Sterling Harrison, a most excellent local musician. download
"People", a song that I recently recorded mostly by myself. I'm really excited about the way it sounds. Dave is playing bass and Jonah did the middle guitar solo. download
"Sometimes", recorded in the Belchertown basement with my Core2 - this came out really well considering I'm the only one playing on it download
This is the first recorded version of "Can't Be a Rolling Stone", before I had even written the lyrics. If you listen closely, you can tell I'm not actually saying anything.... but I really like the recorded-in-a-silo sound I got download
This is an idea. I like it. It needs so much more. download