Jonah and I have been playing together since time immemorial, seeing as how we grew up together. Because of this, we are very tight and still play together better than separately. Not that either of us minds, since we come up with some pretty cool stuff. If you're visiting this website and don't know who we are, check here for pictures of us.

March 1999:

My brother and I recently had a great opportunity to record at a professional recording studio. Jonah was working there, and the owner (Chris Weinland) gave us a couple days of his time recording and editing stuff with us. He runs Dog in A Sub Productions down in Connecticut. Great guy, low rates. If you're a musician, you should check him out (OK so I'm giving him some free advertising). The first song down below is a song that I I wrote the song "Cara" - the others are covers. Chris Weiland is playing drums on "Cara" and "Red House". Ain't he awesome? He'll do that for you, too, if you go record in his studio : )

The third song is from ancient Jonah and Josiah history, back when I was known as Will. Jonah and I aren't exactly sure when it's from, but we think 1995. One night we were feeling very inspired, and we knew we had to record something, so we stuck a cheap Panasonic boom box on top of the piano, hit record and started playing. The result was some of the best guitar playing ever recorded, in my opinion. Check it out, and keep in mind that Jonah was only 12 or 13 when this was recorded.

Jonah and Josiah's MP3's
"Cara", a song I wrote for the mother of my daughter. download
"Red House", an old standard. download
"You Shook Me", another old standard. download

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