I have a band. It's called Born Backward. We play fun, high-energy funky rock/blues stuff - bar music. Here are a few halfway decent recordings with lots of mistakes that we've recorded. We're working on a demo album that should rock more. We play bars, parties, etc around the Pioneer Valley/Southern New Hampshire area. If you want us to play somewhere, email me at josiah@insanetechnology.com

This band consists of:
Dave Evans: Bass
Emily Hague: Keys, Vocals
Jonah Erikson: Guitars
Wm. Josiah Erikson: Drums, Vocals

Can't Be a Rolling Stone, a classic rock hit you haven't heard yet (written by me) download
You Can Leave Your Hat On, a classic rock hit you HAVE heard before download
Cheap Sunglasses - our ZZ Top Cover download
Sunshine Of Your Love (yep, Cream) download

Last updated on October 23, 2003