GMC K2500 6.5L TurboDiesel

I bought this truck from a Marine who was being stationed somewhere faraway and he had to sell his work truck. He didn't seem to want to get rid of it, but he was in a hurry, so I got it for $4000, which seemed like a decent deal until I discovered that I had bought the least reliable diesel truck ever made. Kim and Max drove it to Georgia with a trailer to pick up a BMW 535i and had all kinds of trouble with it. I drove it to Washington, DC, to deliver a car, and it actually made it without major incident, but it ran like crud the entire time. Then it died on me when I was going to help a friend move. I went through three PMD's, even with a cooler (I eventually rigged up a heatsink fan, even!), and then eventually it just wouldn't start at all unless you drag-started it, and even then it ran like shit.... I think the cam position sensor in the injection pump was bad. I let it sit for about seven months while I thought about it. I knew the military used these same motors... how did they put up with this crap? Oh, they didn't... the military 6.5's had DB2 pumps instead of these piece of junk DS4's... I get it! So I bought myself a DB2-4911, some injector lines, some relays, some wire, a throttle cable, a gas pedal, a cold start switch, and went to town. Now I have a perfectly reliable truck that leaps to life when I touch the key and runs smoothly and perfectly, with even power and plenty of it. No disadvantages as far as I can see. Thanks to the author of "The DB2 Conversion Guide" for helping me through a few of the more difficult things to figure out, though in truth, since I have a 5-speed and I left the original vacuum solonoid boost control intact, the most difficult part of the whole procedure was getting the injection lines on :) You should read that as meaning that there's nothing to it, which is, in fact, the case. I highly recommend it for all people who are sick of their DS4's crapping out all the time. If you have an auto, you have to do all kinds of crazy stuff with the TCM, but the DB2 Conversion Guide will tell you how to do all of that.

JLynn named this truck Sally. I like it.

It's completely absurd how manly driving this truck makes you feel, be you male or female.